This program allows you to pursue a bi-national doctoral degree at both your home university and a university in Germany.
There are two alternatives:

Option a) PhD with binational supervision:

Your doctoral project is overseen by a university professor at both your home university and the host institute in Germany (the “sandwich model”). Your project must be agreed upon with both supervisors in the following manner:

  • You begin your doctoral studies in your home country.
  • Following that, there will be research trips to Germany.
  • You finish your doctorate in your home country while being supervised by a German academic adviser.
  • The doctorate is awarded by your home university.

Option b) Doctorate via “Cotutelle” procedure:
According to the Cotutelle model, funding is provided for doctoral projects conducted at both the home university and a university in Germany. This is based on an individual cooperation agreement signed by the participating universities for your doctoral project. After you have successfully completed your doctorate, the doctoral degree is jointly awarded by the German university and your home university.

  • Application deadline: October 14, 2022
  • African countries are eligible.
  • To be completed in (country): UK
  • MBA qualification
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The number of awardees is:

  • 1200 euros per month for doctoral candidates during their stay in Germany. Please keep in mind that no scholarship payments are made while attending your home university.
  • Contributions to health, accident, and personal liability insurance coverage
  • Travel allowances for up to three outbound and return trips, unless covered by the home country or another source.
  • A stipend for research
  • Travel and accommodation expenses for your supervising university teachers in accordance with the German Federal Travel Expenses Law for one trip of up to ten days – to Germany to monitor progress – to your home university to participate in final examinations
  • When applying, please include the trips in the work and time schedule (see “Application documents”).
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Grant holders who complete an uninterrupted stay of more than 6 months in Germany may be eligible for the following additional benefits:

  • monthly rent subsidy monthly allowance for accompanying family members Please also read our important scholarship information / section F, point 3.
  • In the case of a disability or chronic illness, a subsidy is provided for additional costs incurred as a result of the disability or chronic illness that are not covered by other funding sources: More information

Eligibility for DAAD Bi-nationally Supervised Research Grants for International Students 2023: 

  • You can apply for: a) bi-national supervision based on the “sandwich model” depending on the nature of your project. You can apply if you have a Master’s or Diplom degree (or, in exceptional cases, a Bachelor’s degree) at the start of the funding period.
  • b) The “Cotutelle model.” You are eligible to apply if you have been admitted to a doctoral program by the start of the funding period.
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How to Apply for DAAD Bi-nationally Supervised Research Grants for International Students 2023: 

For More Information, Go To The Official Website.

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