• Country: England
  • Employment Type: Volunteer
  • Contract Length: 6-12 Months
  • Category: Working Holiday

Job Qualifications

  • Outstanding spoken English (preferably native language)
  • Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills – eager to assist
  • Reliability, punctuality, diligence, flexibility, and initiative
  • A quick learner who can work well with others and solve problems
  • Financially capable and willing to commit to 9-12 months

Job Benefits

  • This is an unpaid volunteer position with a charity.
  • You will receive training and the satisfaction of assisting those in need.
  • We can sponsor you for a 12-month Charity worker visa.
  • Only 21 hours per week are required, with 6 weeks of vacation provided throughout the year – plenty of time to travel and explore England.
  • Volunteering for charities is an excellent addition to your resume or CV.

Company Information

Burgess Road Library is a community-run public library in Southampton, about an hour’s train ride from Central London, located geographically between a top UK university and an area of very low literacy levels. We are run by a church (Christ Church Southampton), in collaboration with the city council and a library management team. We enjoy serving our community and doing everything we can to make opportunities available to those in need.

Position Description

• The primary goal of the position is to serve the community as a whole as well as each individual visitor to the library.
• You will work at Burgess Road Library during normal business hours (10am-5pm Mondays, 12pm-5pm Wednesdays, 10am-4pm Fridays, 11.30am-2.30pm Saturdays)
• Duties include opening and closing the library, greeting visitors, responding to inquiries, issuing membership cards, processing books, directing people to the right place, assisting visitors in locating the help they require in the larger community, reshelving books and keeping the library tidy, dealing with book deliveries and collections, dealing with urgent building issues, and so on.

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