A $2 Million Global Education Fund

Our Global Education Fund is donating $2 million in AMBOSS access packages (including access to the Library, Qbank, and Analysis features, as well as mobile Apps for Android and iOS) to students who are in desperate need of financial assistance or have faced long-standing significant financial barriers to their medical education.

Our mission is to empower future doctors regardless of their financial circumstances. We strongly believe that critical medical knowledge should be available to all who seek it. This is why, through the AMBOSS Access Scholarship Program, we offer resources to students and medical professionals.

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What is the scope of an AMBOSS Access Scholarship?

  • AMBOSS Access Scholarships cover a significant portion of the cost of the AMBOSS access package.
  • Scholarships that have already been awarded may be eligible for extensions as we re-evaluate the situation later this year, but this is not guaranteed.

Do I have any responsibilities after receiving the scholarship?

Nope. Our top priority is to provide assistance. Thank you for trusting in us to do so!

How to apply for Apply for an AMBOSS Access Scholarship

Visit the official website to Apply

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