A large number of newcomers arrive in the United States each year. Finding a fantastic job that allows them to gain experience while also establishing roots is an important part of many people’s American dream. The good news is that if you know where to look, there is a reasonably consistent supply of employment in the United States for immigrants, both entry-level and more experienced roles.

Are you willing to travel to the US to find Jobs?

Below is the list of Jobs you can find in the US this would help you to equip yourself with the right skills to get yourself a good job in the US.


As a potential source of employment, the construction industry is appealing to new immigrants. Employers, managers, and landowners have benefited from their presence in terms of acquiring complementary skills and increasing productivity. Construction immigrants typically work in cement masonry, carpet installation, carpentry, and painting.


Agriculture It is estimated that immigrant farmworkers account for 73 percent of agriculture jobs in the United States today. Farm labor is a critical need across the United States, putting food on our tables, propelling the economy, and sustaining our communities.

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Modernizing the temporary visa program and establishing a path to citizenship for long-term migrant agricultural workers are critical for protecting agricultural workers and their families, as well as ensuring the future of America’s vital agriculture economy.

Engineering and Architecture

If you want to work as an architect in the United States, you are in a good position because the country is regarded as one of the best places to work if you have architectural skills. Furthermore, North America is the most lucrative market for architects worldwide.


Food service workers can be found in a variety of restaurants, bars, and food service contractors, including those found in schools and hospitals.


In 2018, nearly 2.6 million immigrants worked in health care, including 314,000 refugees, with 1.5 million working as physicians, registered nurses, and pharmacists. Immigrants are overrepresented in certain health-care occupations. Despite making up 17 percent of the total civilian workforce in the United States, immigrants account for 28 percent of physicians, 24 percent of dentists, and 38 percent of home health aides.

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Production and Manufacturing

Around 2.1 million immigrants work in the United States, farming, collecting, processing, and selling food and services, helping to feed America. Between 2014 and 2018, immigrants made up 17 percent of all civilian-employed workers in the United States, but they played a disproportionate role in food production, accounting for 22 percent of workers in the food and production supply chain. They have a significantly higher representation in certain food-related occupations and in specific states.


Immigrants made up 13% of the US population in 2012, but 15.7 percent of all truck driver employment. Certain states had a disproportionately high number of immigrant truck drivers, including California (46.7 percent), New Jersey (40.4 percent), Florida (32.2 percent), and New York (25.7 percent). The data for the study brief came from the American Trucking Association and the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. Immigrants are helping to fill labor shortages in the trucking industry in the United States.” The trucking industry is the backbone of the American economy, transporting 70% of all freight tonnage within the country. However, the sector faces chronic personnel shortages due to a high turnover rate and an aging native-born population.

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Mathematics and computing

STEM workers (science, technology, engineering, and math) are becoming increasingly important in the US economy. STEM careers are critical to the country’s creativity, and STEM professionals are responsible for many of the cutting-edge ideas and technologies that help create jobs and raise household incomes in the United States. Foreign-born workers account for a sizable proportion of the STEM workforce in the United States.

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